Guarantee of Quality

Guarantee of Quality

Quality warranty

Security and Food Hygiene is one of the most important keystones of Regidoce, guaranteed by the rigorous procedures applied in all departments. Regidoce is submitted to extremely demanding audits, offering to the clients the essential trust and transparency to the success of our business.

IFS Food certification is one of the most demanding in the agro food sector worldwide. IFS Food is a referential recognized by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to certify security and quality of the food products and food processes.

This certification enables us to export our products, and thus, it increased the trust and credibility near our clients, aiding to continuously improve the processes of food quality and security.

Environmental Responsability

Regidoce defends the respect of responsible usage of the available resources and the effort to protect the environment through actions that incentive the sustainable development, sparing environmental and cultural resources to future generations.

RSPO developed a series of environmental and social criteria that companies have to fulfill in order to produce sustainable palm oil (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)). These criteria aim to secure the adoption of sustainable practices in producing palm oil.

Since 2019,Regidoceis certified by RSPO aiming to secure the use of products that meet the norm demands.